Thermal insulation

Sturdy and airtight insulation for marine exhaust manifolds.

For the thermal insulation of their dry exhaust manifolds, silenceREvolution s.r.l. design and install an exclusive rigid, hermetic insulation system, which is made up of suitable layers of low biopersistent "eco-friendly" ceramic fibres enclosed in a hermetic reinforced epoxy resin casing, designed for the aerospace industry:

  • Cat-C18 Manifold
  • Cat-C32 Manifold
  • Two in one Cat-C18 Manifold
  • MTU 16V2000 Manifold

    Collettore - Perkins 6-354 - Refitting Collettore Perkins 6-354 - Refitting - dettaglio Collettore-CAT-C18 Collettore-CAT-C32 Collettore-due-in-uno-CAT-C18 Collettore-MTU16V2000