Exhaust temperature alarm system

"HYDROALARM" exhaust temperature alarm system

Wet marine exhaust systems are designed and constructed to withstand temperatures of up to 120° C.; Engine exhaust gases often exceed 500° C.

If there is a reduction in the flow of cooling water due to plastic bags or seaweed being sucked in from the sea cock located under the keel or a faulty pump, the temperature of the exhaust gases rises instantly, even as high as 450° C, thereby seriously damaging the exhaust system.

If the boat is not already fitted with an alarm system, we suggest you install our "HYDROALARM" system, which works at both 12 and 24 Volts and comprises three main parts:

1- a thermal probe, which is in direct contact with the exhaust flow and continuously measures the temperature of the gas-water exhaust mixture,

2- a compact control device, to be mounted on the helm station and kept under constant observation, with two indicator levels,

3- an emergency alarm signal.


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